Too old for a career in Tech?

Often times , I hear people say they think they cant be able to start a career in tech due to their age. Some of them feel their age is going to limit their ability to learn and grow. This is common with those above 30years and most especially after attaining 36years of age.

There are a few things that will guide you on the journey.

  1. Be open to learning : If you intend to grow as you begin your tech journey, be willing to learn new things. Learning from those younger than you and accepting the reality of being a learner will help you remain focused.
  2. Starting small each time: You don't have to know everything at the same time, you also don't need to put too much pressure on yourself. All you have to do is to start small, identify what you can learn at a time. Begin from there and take each day as it comes.
  3. Setting Targets: You have to set realistic and achievable targets during your learning and growth process. Remember you will make mistakes and fail at some points. But working with a goal in mind will keep you in check.
  4. Your Network: This may be difficult if you are coming from an entirely different area. But you must be intentional in identifying and keeping the right network, people who will share ideas, tips and provide help when needed. There are several tech groups on Facebook, local community groups ,meet-ups and platforms that will provide you with support.
  5. Find a trainer: With the use of internet, you can get yourself a professional who will teach you the basics of what you need to know. Your foundation is very important to build a strong knowledge-based career in tech.

It is never too late, you are not old to begin your dream career in tech. The only limitation you will have is YOU.

I am a Full-stack developer, Microsoft Educator, STEM mentor, Women and youth career advocate, Project Developer and serial volunteer.